Goodbye 20s…

February 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Sunday, I will be turning 30. (Interestingly enough, most people always think I’m way younger. Not that I’m complaining. Working out and having good genes does pay off) Friends around me kept repeatedly chirping about the “milestone” of turning thirty. Gotta have a big celebration to ring in the big 3-0. For some reason, I feel indifferent. I think it has something to do with the fact that probably 10 years ago, I’d envisioned myself at accomplishing things by the time I was 30.  I’ve never been one of those gals that made it a mission to marry by 30. When I was little, while all my friends were discussing dream weddings, I was busy studying the globe and marking places that I’d like to travel to. And now with 30 being days away, I strangely still don’t feel that need.  By 3o, I thought I would have at least have one piece of fiction published, have a job that I’m satisfied with and travel out of the U.S.  Wishful thinking never hurts.  At least I have visited another country and despite all distractions, I am working towards the goal of having a work that is publishable.  Some days though, it’s hard not to feel that I’m living in a delayed-adolescence  reality…


Unemployed Need Not Apply

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sigh. We’re back to this again. Just google “Discrimination against the unemployed” and you’ll see many hits. What’s amusing to me is that before, one got told “you don’t have the right qualifications” (which is understandable), and now it’s “Only employed people should apply to this job.” WTF? I get the feeling that this is just another way for companies to not weed through the millions of resumes that they receive on a daily basis. I’ve also heard that employers want to make sure that your skills are up to date. Which I totally understand, because since money is tight they rather hire someone with the skills than someone they need to train. But the only problem I have with that is this–what if, like myself, you’re a freelancer who is constantly self-teaching yourself the new web technology and actually practicing it? I’ve always been a quick learner and enjoy learning new things in my field that will put me ahead of the crowd. I would think that an employer would want someone on their team who is self-motivated and can function without constantly being held by the hand. After doing some serious assessment of my skills, I’m now thinking do I really want to work for an employer or do I want to do my own thing while I’m still young and single? Some of the scenarios I’ve experienced is pushing me  towards the latter.

Scenario #1

I once had an employer from a tv production company (name withheld) contact me saying that they came across my resume and wanted to schedule an interview. Right away I contacted them back. I thought something was odd when I didn’t hear back from the person the next day or the day after. Regardless, I contacted them again and almost a week later I finally got an answer: “Sorry, the position has been filled.” I’ve also gotten e-mails from jobs that I applied to informing me that either they had to suspend the position due to lack of funding or my favorite “this position is being postponed until further notice” BWAAHHH!

Scenario #2

A few months ago, a friend invited me to attend a job fair with her right here in L.A. or –Hel-LA as I like to call it whenever I’m in my I hate L.A. mood– in which you’d be able to speak with HR of leading production/television studios. Of course, when you did get to said HR representatives they told you “Go to our website for the latest jobs”. Of course, I had been doing this anyway, along with making calls. So, essentially it was just a waste of time and money. My friend joked that they’d probably take our resumes and dump it in file 13. Sadly, I think she might be right. Like myself, she had been freelancing and it took her two years before she finally got full-time employment. She’s not completely happy, but I told her it’s better than nothing and at least you don’t have to worry about chasing people down for payment (as I often have to do).

I also love reading ignorant comments on certain web sites about how “unemployed people are lazy”, etc. Maybe the ones they know are lazy. But the people I know are coming up with creative ways to make $ and still feel that they’re worthy.

There were times that I felt unworthy, but when I finally managed to pull myself out of my funk I realized that I do have a lot to offer and that I just need to restrategize.

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