The Single Life

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

…For some reason since I’ve moved to L.A. my dating experience has almost been surreal. I remember not too long ago, one of my friends wondered why I’m not worried about dating.

 I’ve encountered my more than WTF moments that seem like an episode straight out of t.v.  My friends couldn’t believe these stories, but they are true. Some of these conversations have just popped out of nowhere:

Guy #1: I have a thick d#$@

Um, okay…do I look like I’m waiting on the corner for a john? (BTW, the context came completely out of nowhere when the conversation wasn’t even sexual!)

Guy#2: I have the strong urge to show myself to you.

Again, the conversation came completely out of nowhere! And this was on a first date. Why is it that these men are obsessed with talking about their private parts?

Guy#3: I’m so mad that you don’t want to kiss me (with a pout). I get told all the time how good-looking I am.

Well then, sir, I guess you won’t mind kissing yourself then.

Guy #4: How come you don’t want to kiss me? You’re different…most women would be throwing themselves at me.

Good for them! I’m not like most of those women that you come across.

Guy #5: Why can’t black Americans be jolly like the blacks in England?

WTF? That comment alone is wrong in sooo many levels that I won’t even bother discussing it. Furthermore, thanks a lot for pointing out my race as if I don’t know it already.

I think these reasons alone are why I’ve decided to abstain from dating awhile.


Is the Novel dead?

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently had a conversation with another writer about the novel’s future. She said that many readers are leaning towards books that read like a movie (big openings and very visual). In addition to writing fiction, I also write screenplays and I hope that this isn’t going to become the trend. Call me a book snob, but if I wanted to see a movie or read a screenplay, I’d do just that.

In screenwriting there are limitations that you can get away with in fiction. For example, in literature it’s pretty easy to write inside the character’s head, how they feel etc. You can’t do that with a film as it’ll be a pretty boring two hours of your life listening to a character’s inner monologue.  But we shall see…

What Non-writers don’t get…

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently, I met another fellow writer who said that most writers hated writing. I thought I heard it all–Now, I’ve come across some writers who hate reading.   For me, my writing strangely provides a source of sanity, and a way for me to vent, to express myself. Hate writing? Not so much. Proscrastinate? Yes. Why do I do it? I have no idea, but the thing is in order to be a writer I have to write. How else am I going to get published? Certainly not by “writing” in my head…which brings me to what I feel that some non-writers don’t get.

It’s so easy I can do it!

Oh, how I loathe these words when I hear people say them. I love coming across the people who tell me it’s so easy to write and that they can do it (translation–you’re nothing but a lazy daydreamer). What they fail to realize is that writing like anything else, whether it’s learning a new language, how to play the guitar, etc. takes time and discipline. As a fiction writer coming up with characters and creating a life for them is roughly about 80% of the work. The other 20% involves research. For example, if you’re writing about a character who’s a lawyer–you can’t just heavily rely on your imagination–you have to do a bit of research.  Nowadays with a technologically savvy readership someone’s probably bound to call you out if you don’t have your stuff right. I frequently read message boards of some books and t.v. shows and I read the comments about how writers haven’t done their research. I don’t want to become one of those writers.

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